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DRC: The Art of Pat Masioni

Unknown Soldier #13, wrt. Dysart/ pencils. Masioni/ cover. Johnson

DC/Vertigo searched high and low to find an artist to take over the reins of Unknown Soldier (blogged -- here) when the time came to give series regular artist Alberto Ponticelli a break, and, lo and behold, they came up with the artist of the 2 part war in Rwanda comic book, 'Descente en enfer' and 'Le camp de la vie,' DRC-born artist Patrice Masioni Makamba.

Pat Masioni/ Blog 

Born in Mikusi, South Congo, and now based in France, Masioni's work on Unknown Soilder spans issues 13 and 14 of "The Way Home" story arc.

Pat Masioni/ Blog 

From his bio: Masioni studied painting at the academy of Kinshasa and in 1985 became the regular illustrator at the publishing company, St-Paul Afrique. He created fifteen albums for this publisher, which were distributed to all the Catholic parishes in the country.

Pat Masioni/ Blog 

Approximately 250,000 copies sold in the Congo. As co-founder of the atelier l'Association ACRIA, Masioni became the artistic director for three editions of the Kinshasa comics festival. He drew cartoons for the daily newspaper 'Le Palmarès' and for 'Le GRI-GRI international', and he made the 'Samba Diallo' series for 'Planète jeunes', a magazine for young Africans, read in 25 African countries. He drew the story of 'Niota' for collection album 'A l'ombre du Baobab', which was published by Equilibre et Populations in Paris in 2000.

Pat Masioni/ Blog

Today, Pat Masioni lives in Paris. He was forced to flee his native country because of his fierce anti-government cartoons. In 2005, he won international fame with the publication of a comic book in two parts on the war between the Hutu's and the Tutsi's in Rwanda in 1994: 'Descente en enfer' and 'Le camp de la vie', written by Grenier and Ralph.

This explicit account of the war in Rwanda places Masioni among the masters of comics. One of the aspects he deals with is the role of the French, who did not try to stop mass murder and, according to some people, even encouraged it.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Seattle and read comics. I was lucky enough to start reading Unknown Soldier in time to catch issues 13 and 14. Masioni is a genius. Thank you so much for featuring him on your blog! Now I have to polish up my French and see if I can find the earlier works you mention. Since I am using the anonymous identity, my name is Susan Mullen. I'm 60 years old and have been reading comics most of my life. My other favorite artist is Jae Lee.


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