Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rwanda: "Abyssnian Jews"

Kigali Memorial Centre, Gisozi/ pic: I, Inisheer

Switching from French to English instruction in schools and joining the British commonwealth were some of the moves Rwanda made to turn the page on what it considers a Franco-colonial genocide past.On visiting Rwanda, Josh Kron writes in the Guardian that even though Rwandans now downplay their Hutu and Tutsi ethnicity, Tutsi, because of the "historical contingency" in Israel's and Rwanda's genocide experiences, are now more inclined to play up their "Jewishness" and also trace their genealogically connection to Israel:
...what caught my attention most were the references to Israel, the references to the Jews. At first it seemed obvious; as historical cousins of genocide Israel and Rwanda had a special bond. Like Israel, Rwanda had escaped genocide to become a shining example in a troublesome part of the world. But the reference and affirmation was much more than historical contingency; it was, according to them, true blood. According to some historians and Tutsi scholars, the group originally came to Rwanda from Ethiopia in the 15th century. Although played down by the current government, the belief persists. To Tutsis, the genealogical lineage to Ethiopia connects them to a greater constellation including ancient Hebrews.


bingol said...

Whenever I read anything like this, leaving the merits aside, I always think, 'Really? The Jews? Are you sure you wouldn't be better off with an ancient connection to the Presbyterians?"

bunmi said...

(lol) Na, i'm sure Africans will prefer a trace that go back 2 u guys. Presbyterians have no sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

I am Tutsi and NO I don't believe we have anything to do with the Jews. We are BLACK AFRICANS

Yahya said...

Rulers of Britain and Rulers of France joign effort in colonial subjugation

They understand 'esclavage' and 'slavery' to be synonimous

Phoebe Paulsen said...

Why always Tutsi? Why can't you discuss about other tribes?


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