Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Africa: Ethan Zuckerman on Widening Our Web - TED Global 2010

Ethan Zuckerman (My Heart's in Accra...) on geeky big white Americans, twitter demographics, segregated conversations, soccer, Brazilians on twitter, world isn't flat; it's lumpy, global traffic ≠ global connections- infrastructure, American media bias, distorted (Alisa Miller) maps, Afrigadget, new media lazy activism or Morozov's Ipod liberalism, global airline traffic flow, imaginary cosmopolitanism, Global Voices, Madagascar's Fuku club, wisdom of the flock, xenophiles and bursting out of your Twitter filter bubble. Whole presentation + slides - here. Youtube - here.

...couldn't help smiling when he used the "blogger=DJ" metaphor (it's a great metaphor - i've also used it; pinched it here), and he admits that he is pretty much convinced that bloggers--i.e. pointers to cool infomation--are  increasingly going to be the "bridge figures"--not to be confused with Nick Kristof's "bridge characters" ;-)--through which our worlds are going to be made more global via the widening of the web. Knock on wood.

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Anonymous said...

looks like ez lost weight! allright!! go team.


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