Tuesday, June 14, 2011

South Africa: Youth Sex Survey Infographic

Praekelt Foundation released the results of a groundbreaking Youth Sex Survey, conducted on its YoungAfricaLive mobile platform, that gives fascinating insight into the sexual behaviour and beliefs of South Africa's youth. Based on over 50 revealing questions and over 138 954 frank responses, the YoungAfricaLive Youth Sex Survey reveals that whilst South Africa's youth are unquestionably sexually active (44%), they have strong views on the role of HIV/AIDS in sexual encounters, with a massive 81% equating 'not telling a sexual partner that you carry the virus' to outright murder... (more)


Sugabelly said...

Excuse me but what kind of stupid answer is "I raped you because your clothes were too revealing".

That is a fucking cop out. Did the clothes tie themselves around the man's neck and PHYSICALLY COMPEL him to rape the woman?

All this tells me is that there is a significant population of stupid, irresponsible, animalistic, and mentally deficient men living in South Africa.

Revealing ni, revealing ko. The audacity of making such a statement on a continent where at least 80% of the traditional clothing involves exposing large amounts of flesh.

People are so fucking irresponsible and stupid. As long as they can blame their selfish actions on others.

bunmi said...

"Revealing ni, revealing ko."



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