Monday, July 4, 2011

Africa/Italy: African Immigration and Italian Cinema

Decades of African immigration to Italy is enough time for the attitudes of the Italian society in relation to African immigrants to be absorbed and examined through its cinema. In the Grace Bullaro edited 2010 text above, Italian cinema also replays the love/hate relationships you find towards Africans in the larger society -- i.e. Italian soccer fans and African players.

Some Italian films discussed include dir. Luca D’Ascanio's Bell'amico [Some Friend (2002)], a look at the love/hate relationship between an Italian host and his house guest, an obssessive filmmaker from Angola. Trailer below. The book's breakdown of the film - here:

Or the love/hate relationship Italian men have for West African prostitutes captured as far back as Matteo Garrone's 1997 short film, Terra di Mezzo. The book breaks it down - here

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