Thursday, September 15, 2011

What Do You Call Flattering Japanese "Wiggers"?

Metropolis TV reporter Mao reports on Japanese kids appropriating a ‘B-style’ or the ‘black lifestyle’ which sees them not only channeling hip hop culture and aesthetics, but also shedding their pale skin for a darker look with regular visits to tanning salons to become as dark as American hip hop artists and music video eye candy.

Citing other examples, Michael over @ Cynicalones draws that blurry line of appropriation between flattery and minstrelsy:
Unlike these idiots who are clearly mocking black people. It’s women like them and Kreayshawn that make you almost want to wish a yeast infection on someone. Almost. The karma isn’t worth it. I learned that from Mother Oprah.Anyway, these Japanese ladies are different. I get the feeling that if they took a field trip to Brooklyn they would find a way to stay permanently. Then they would go off and find the Asian dancer from Soul Train on Facebook in order to get a blueprint on how to find their place in a different world. The proof lies in the comments they deliver with a big cheesy grin in each and every instance.
Another look at black cultural appropriation: this time it's Norwegian girls appropriating the Congo. Plus what happens when the appropriator becomes better than 'the original'.

And an earlier discussion about "Wiggers" and 'wiggin' out', especially when performance questions how we define minstrelsy.

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