Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review of 'The Ticket' : Guinness Nigeria Ad Celebrates a Resilient People, Culture

The Guardian's Chuks Nwanne reviews The Ticket, an international TV commercial by Saatchi & Saatchi - Cape Town, produced by Guinness Nigeria and shot in location within Nigeria with local talents and crew:
When the invitations to the screening of new Guinness TV commercial, The Ticket, were given out to media men, there was little or no detail on what exactly the brewery actually intends to achieve with the new advertisement. No doubt, Guinness has acquired a strong reputation of producing classical commercials that provide consumers with extraordinary experiences.From the epic, long running Michael Power campaign, through to the recent award-winning Sky (My friend Udeme is a great man), Scout (…give a man half a chance and he take it), and more recently Guinness The Match, the brand has shown some level of creativity with their advertisements.

Notwithstanding, to most journalists present at the screening held recently at the Protea Hotel, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, this could be another invitation to celebrate foreign creative minds, especially South Africans; this has always been the case with multinationals in Nigeria when it comes to shooting commercials.From the opening scene, the commercial looked very much like the usual foreign work, except for the yellow buses in the package, which is considered a trademark of the city of Lagos. But as the tape rolls further, capturing Lagos bridges, with the usual hustling and bustling scenes typical of Lagos, the picture became clear; this is a TV commercial shot in Nigeria, with Nigerian cast and crew. At this point, the media men adjusted their sitting positions, with their eyes fixed on the screen with rapt attention.
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